Thursday, April 25, 2013


Why is it too damn expensive? Many people can’t even afford it. We borrow too much money and end up with huge amount of debts that would probably take us a decade to pay them back. Even though some people want to attend college and be educated to better them self, it is impossible because they can’t afford it. Shouldn’t knowledge be free? Or at list less expensive.  By making college more affordable we open doors for better learning while giving the same amount of opportunities for everyone.  Now day’s people are losing their career and our unemployment rate is increasing. So how is it that we suppose to pay /borrow all this huge amount of money for college and when we go out there, in the real world, after graduation, we might not even be able to get a carrier? Even if we do, most of the money we earn will be spent on different expenses and on the college loans.

Abstinence vs Sex-education

Each year, U.S. teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies, and youth under age 25 experience about 9.1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs)”. So in a society where teen age pregnancy is increasing rapidly and sexually transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire why aren’t we teaching kids abstinence and to wait for the right moment?  Instead we have this twisted excuses “kids will be kids and they’ll have sex any way". Anyone can agree having no sex is the safest of all so why aren’t we stressing it enough? Even though some people who support safe sex –education believe abstinence is the right and safest things for teens they claim that it is not effective enough. So in this case we compromise the truth because our society is felling to teach kids right from wrong. If we believe something is right shouldn't we support it regardless of the outcome?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Why do we cheat? Most of our answer would be to get a good grade. Sometimes if the classes getting hard and become difficult to handle we cheat from others in orders to maintain our good GPA. Many kids have a great amount of pressure from their family to get good grades. Also to graduate people are required to get at least passing grades.  All of this huge emphasis on grades can push people to cheat even if they don’t want to. I am not saying grades are bad but sometimes it can get out of hand and can be very stressing.


On Wednesday, For our Discussion we watched a YouTube video of a 9 years old genius. The kid was incredibly smart and very matured for his age. The leading discussions were about “taking our education seriously”. What if we actually come to school to get knowledge and to learn new things rather than just to get a good grade? This is a good point but i think everyone is focusing on the grade because its a bid deal and basically our futures depends on it. We also have to think about that if we don’t have grades how do you measure if people actually learned the material or not?  Either way we are going to have pros and cans. The other question was "Are we taking advantage of the opportunity that was handed to us or we are just wasting it? Like the 9 years old kid are we interested in our education? I believe the 9 years old kid was gifted and I don’t think any 9 years old kid would be like that even if he/she studied hard. Regarding on using our opportunity ,I know I can do better and try to study and actually learn the material rather than just memorizing it in the last minute for the test.


In class we discussed about bullying. Bullying has been one of the main issues in school now days. Kids/teens are being harassed and made fun their looks, ethnics, choice of style or other reasons. I believe kids become bully when something in their life is not complete or they are not secure enough so they feel the need to put others down in orders for them to feel secure;which is totally wrong and immature.School should be a safe place where everyone can come together and learn new things and have fun. Everyone should welcome one another and be friendly and encouraging . Just because they don’t look the same or like the same things it doesn’t mean they should be bullied.  Everyone should embrace their difference. Our difference is what makes us unique and set us apart from one another. After all ““You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.” When everyone is different we all have different things to offer.  

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Wednesday in class we did some  brain storming for the upcoming 3rd essay. We come up with some good topics. I believe this brain storm will help me chose my topic and it will actually make it easier for me. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Meeting

The Meeting, was a short play that focused on the gathering between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, during the African-Americans Civil Right Movement to discuss on the issue. Both civil rights leaders were a prominent figure to the black community and played huge roles. Although Malcolm X and Dr king approached the situation in a different ways, they  were fighting for freedom and equality.

Malcolm X supported the idea of self defense against the white folks that suppressed his people.For him it wasn't about being  violent toward your enemies, rather just standing up to them and defending your honor. He didn't see the point of being nice to the people who hated him, because he believed they weren't going to change. From his point of view the black people should do what ever it takes to get their freedom by all means.

The opposing side of Malcolm X was Dr King; who was also important leader of the time. He didn't agreed with  the idea of aggression because, he believed that "you can't  fight violence with violence". Dr King Desperately wanted to show people how loving their  enemy is the right thing to do according to his faith. "My faith teaches people to love  their enemies and that is what i must do" that was his main Principles therefor,  he was a firm believer of  love and advocated peaceful and ,non violence movement.

So in summary,  the play shows the distinct point of view's of Dr. King and Malcolm X regarding the Civil Rights Movements and how they weren't able to agree on the same  principles.